Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Merry Christmas & CU Freebie

 To celebrate I have a gift for you, the picture tree, a decorated Christmas Tree with room for your festive pix, and as usual templates are included so if you don't have PSP you can still enjoy playing with my pressie :)

You can snag it here...

If you enjoy my freebies please consider a donation :)
I hope you like it!
Pink xxx

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

New - NYBauble Script & CU Freebie!

Hey all,
I have a new script in store, can you believe it is my very first new year one?! I Hope you like it!
And I also have a little freebie for you, it is a template of a bauble tree. I was going to script it but times not on my side recently so it never got past basic design or template stage...still means you can use more programs to play with it :) It is in layers so you can omit things and add in tour own items etc. Hope you can make use of it.

You can snag it here...
Thanks for looking!
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Monday, 10 December 2012

New - Two Cute Snowmen

Hey guys,

I have 2 new snowmen in stores for you, they are real cute happy fellows :) I hope you like them to!

The Happy Snowman

Ice Skating Snowman

Well it just keep raining bad news here...loll. I still can't get 'Lil Bit back to the vets so am avioding the vets calls for the time being...they just don't get it do they? No cash means no cash, no matter how much she needs it I am not gonna magic cash out of thin air, cannot be done. See if they really cared about the animals best interest, surely they would give someone who has been with them 10+ years a bit of leway and allow payments, so I beg the question as to how urgent it really is. I do know it needs doing and as soon as I have the money she will be there in a heartbeat.
My lad is still off work, he is recovering slowly and is coping very well until he tries to over do Most lads would be over joyed at the thought of not moving from the TV or computer for days...after all they need prising away from it to go to work, but no...he wants to get back to work so badly I have had to talk to his boss and tell them to cover until I say its ok, and to ignore my son....cannot be to careful when its your heart, you sure can't live without it! If I need to chain him down, so be it!
On a lighter note my youngest son is 21 tomorrow and so excited! His girlfriend has spoilt him rotten with gifts and my parents are going to put him through his driving test, paying for it all :) They offered it at 18 as with all my children but he was more interested in X-box Anyway I have s few gifts to wrap and cards to write so will leave you all in peace.
My mad sale is still on over at my guest spot, click sale tag to save! Includes new items!

Bye for now!
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Saturday, 8 December 2012

New - Snowboarding

Hey all,

I have a new item in stores for you, this cool dude is snowboarding his way into Christmas, will his adorable face find their way to your designs? I hope so! :)
And don't forget my madness...yes I am still guest designer over at Graphics By Pokadot! But hurry it can't last for long!
OK thats all for now, thanks for looking! Call back soon for the Wilma4Ever Blog Train!
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Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Mad Sale!

Hi Guys,

I just have to let you good friend Debbie over at Graphics by Pokadot Has been so nice as to offer me a guest spot in her personal store, not only that but she took the time to upload ALL the items on sale for me as I just wouldn't have the time with looking after cats and kids. I want to say a huge thank you Debbie, for being so good to do this for me...and for you, why? Because the selective items that have been put in her store are all one low crazy price, thats right everything of mine in her store is just $1.25! It includes Christmas items and new items! This madness can't last for long so be sure to hurry over to snag and save! Just click here to start saving! While there take a look at Debbies awesome items, which are also on sale, she has some outstanding work so make drinks and have a leisurely look around :)
Click above image to whizz there now! 
And I have more news this time for all you crafters, you no longer need to have a special license to create your cards etc from my items, thats right, no need for a special license or any extra cost. Terms still apply tho. Well thats enough for one day, enjoy the savings!
Pink x

New - Friends Script

Just a quickie guys, I have a new script/template in stores for you! Script creates an adroable little girl spending time with her friend, Mr Snowman. I hope you like it!
I know, my spelling leaves a lot to be Thanks for looking...scroll down for train freebies!
Pink x

Sunday, 2 December 2012

12 Days Of Christmas Blog Train

The brat pack is bringing you a slightly different train this month, every day for 12 days a new part will be available from the next stop on the list. I am number 2 so today is my turn, I created a small full size kit, PU only. There are 16 elements, 10 papers (each different) and as a bonus 7 co-ordinating glitter sheets (also full size) to really make your projects sparkle! I hope you like it! Sorry guys seems I forgot to alter my preview from CU to PU, please be aware it is only PU :)

You can snag this here...

And the rest of the stops, don't forget they are daily so your next one is tomorrow!

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Miriam: Ellanoir - 4th December

Edna: Serenity Designs - 5th December

Linda: CandyWrap - 6th December

Tammy: TLP Designz - 7th December

Lins: Lins Creations - 12th December

We hope you enjoy our work and a special thank you to all those who leave comments, we work hard to bring freebies taking time out from family etc so a little thanks goes a long way. Next train will be 1st of Feb!

Saturday, 1 December 2012

Winter Berry Blog Train

The next one has left its station! The Winter Berry Train is put together by the January Rain Train. Such cute colours on this one and again all the stops will make a huge kit for your projects. As usual mine is full size and as a bonus I made co-ordinating glitter sheets and metallic sheets, both full size and will hopefully add all the glitz and glam you need :)

Winter Berry

You can snag it here...

And the rest of the stops...


Capricious Scraps
Creative Scraps by Crys
Ditz Bitz
Gimptastic Scraps
Nette's NightOwl Works
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Enjoy and don't forget to say thanks as it downloads :)

Cristmas Magic Blog Train

The first of the trains has left the station! Christmas Magic is brought to you from the 'O Scrap Blog train. An adorable pallet with lots of stops to visit and snag freebies which will equal a mammoth kit! My part is FULL SIZE, PU only and I also made seven co-ordinating glitter sheets, also full size, for you so you can add some glitz to your projects.


You can grab it here...

And the rest of the stops...


Enjoy and don't forget to say thanks as it downloads :)

Friday, 23 November 2012

New - Snow Singers & Swag

Hey all,

I have a couple new scripts in store for you, a poinsettia swag and some darling snow singers. Both end in layers so you can edit to really make it unique, in the case of the swag you can use all the pieces alone if you like.
Poinsettia Swag

Snow Singers

Remember templates are included now for all you non PSP'ers :) I hope you like them!
Ok a quick update, I have had numerous mails, thank you all for your well wishes, and donations! My son is still very much recovering, to his vocal I think he thought he could ignore doctors and be invincible but when its your heart it just doesn't fly that way. He struggles whenever he tries to over do it and has learnt very quickly they he needs to rest and can't for now at least, be like he was. I think its come as a shock given his age, as it would any young person who went from burning the candle at both ends to barely lighting it at all. His recovery is going well tho and doctors say he is how they would expect him to ber after such a serious illness. Fingers crossed he continues to improve.
Onto 'Lil Bit, she is also doing as expected. The twist to her leg is still very obvious but she is learning to deal with it. The leg is starting to gain more weight now and hopefully will soon look no different to the other one. She is back on the 4th for more x-rays to see how the wires are and to be sure they haven't shifted anywhere they shouldn't. Again a huge thank you for all the mails and donations they are much appreciated :)
Ok that's it for now, don't forget I am still on sale and I will be back with a special announcement for all you crafters soon ;)
Thanks for lookin!
Pink xx

New Skull Santa

Hey Guys,

Just a quick post to show you my latest in store item, something for those who like the darker side of things :)
Skull Santa Script/Template
Hope you like him! And don't forget I still have 40% off everything in all stores, so start saving!

Thanks for looking,
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Monday, 19 November 2012

New - Paper Tree Script

Hey all, I have a new script/template in stores for you, a little different from the norm I think but I hope you will like it. I called it the Paper Tree as it reminds me of trees I used to fold for decorations when helping out at the nursery school. The kids would colour in the precut card and add decorations, sparkles, glitter and beads etc then we'd fold it like the script effect and add a little loop so they could take home thier decorations and put them on their own trees. It was a lot of fun, and a lot of mess! Anyway I had fun recreating it for you all :)
Paper Tree Script/Template

Ok next up Jeannine from over at Funky Sweet Designs made me this awesome tag from my part in the LadyBug Winter train. She made a tutorial from it so if you want to design this fabtastic tag or any other of the fab tuts she has posted just click here.

I love it, thank you so much hunni ;) Ok well that is all from me for now, have a great time where ever you are!
Pink xx

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Birthday Sale and Train!

Hey guys, 
before I get going with the train I want to mention the celebrations going on at Wilma4Ever! We are celebrating the stores 3rd birthday! To start all my items are down 50% for this weekend only! Click here to start saving! Plus there is lots going on at the forum, I am taking part in the wishes being granted, any products of mine on wish lists some lucky winners will receive FREE! And I am taking part in the match me sale, thats right the more you spend the more you save! So Spend $5 on my goods and receive a coupon for another $5 to spend in my store, spend $10 and get a coupon for $10...see the pattern? You don't want to miss out this weekend for sure! The forum can be found here and you can start shopping here!

A quick update for you, huge thanks for all the mails and well wishes! My son is resting well (I have him chained real Nah honestly his body simply won't allow him to ignore it, he is out of breath and exhausted after the smallest activity which is sad to see but also mean the rest he was ordered to do is happening even if its not what he wants. I think its shocked him into realising you simply can't burn the candle at both ends, eventually something gives. So here's to him slowing down a little.
'Lil Bit is doing well, she has a definite twist to her leg when walking but she is allowing me to manipulate it and exercise it in a bid to build up muscle. I do have a small concern that I will be mentioning next time we are at the vets, and that is she seems to be having small bladder accidents in her bed. Not full bladder or anything as she is using the tray but small ones which I am concerned about as her bladder did take some of the impact and was injured. Anyway thats all the news for now, thankfully the next update will be more good news!

Ok onto the train, this time it is brought to you from the Brat Pack and the theme is Twilight Forever! An excellent train, albeit a little late, but better late than never! My part is FULL SIZE and contains 20 elements and 14 papers, I hope you can use it :)

You can snag it here...

And the rest of the stops are here...


Friday, 16 November 2012

Mad Sale - 1 Day Only

Hey Guys,

I must have a fever 'cos I'm doing it again! For one day only down at Scripts R Us I am joining selected designers and having a mad sale, everything is $1.50 (excluding bundles) if you missed the Thrifty Thursday then catch this one as it will be your last chance! Very rare I take part in such sales. Hurry down to save, save, save!
On Firday 16th!! One day ONLY! :)

Click the ad to rush on over! 
Pink x

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Mad Sale!

For ONE day only...
Today All my products are a crazy $1.50! Hurry over to save! Only at Butterfly Blush, when the sun goes down the prices go back up ;)

Click the sale ad to start shopping.
Happy savings!
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Tuesday, 13 November 2012

New - Reindeer Post & Update

Hi Guys,

Well its been a whirlwind these last couple of days! My son was rushed into hospital yesterday, turns out he has a serious heart condition. I can't pronounce what this condition is (they always have such stupid names!!) and as for spelling it, I may as well hit random Anyway this condition can go two ways, he can recover fully and never have an issue again or it can become chronic. He is currently on beta blockers and asprin, as well as morphine and a few other bits which is keeping everything under control, at the moment he is looking like he's recovering well, so long as he stops being so pig headed! Why are boys/men so infuriating? He is 22 so of age giving me no control over his decision's, like the one he took to come home this afternoon! Thankfully he has all his medication and has 'promised' to stay in bed....may need to chain him down yet. He just doesn't get it, that if he over does it now he could make it worse and it will wind up becoming a chronic condition, which could become so bad he will never work again, or worse, but of course he thinks he is invincible! Meanwhile I am going greyer and greyer.

On a brighter note (kinda) 'Lil bit was at the vets today, update is she is recovering way better than they expected. Thankfully looks like amputation is off the cards, for now at least. She is now allowed out of the cage for small periods, increasing little by little as she gets used to it, as well as manipulating the leg to build it back up. They are so pleased they want her in for x-rays in a couple of weeks and are talking of removing the pins as early as 1st week in January, which means more surgery and yet more cost. We haven't exactly paid the last cost yet.
Here is hoping there is no more bad luck this way...not sure I could take

Ok I have a new script/template in stores for you, Reindeer Post, now you know how santa gets his mail :) I hope you like him, I think he is adorable!

Don't forget everything is on sale still! Thanks for looking!

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

New - Miss Deer

Hey all,

I have a new script in stores for you, meet Miss Deer! All ready for the festive season and to add that touch of cuteness to your wintery projects.

I've had a few mails asking how Lil Bit is doing so thought I would add a little update for you. She is still on bed rest but has had her stitches out. There wasn't really to much to update about as it is still early days, although 2 more surgerys are looking likely. She is trying real hard to use her bad leg, there is an obvious difference in size between them now but I am hoping in the next week or so to be able to start manipulating it a little for her, to build the muscle back up, so fingers crossed it works! She is back to her usual self although I am feeling real sorry for her being couped up in the cage all the time. We are at the vets next week so hope to be able to update more. A huge thank you for all the donations, they are a huge help as the bill is huge and there is ongoing medication, check ups etc...the thought of further surgery being added to an already huge debt is scary but I am determined to make sure she has the best treatment available.
Ok I have a little freebie for you, it was sent to me by Bekki who as of yet doesn't have a site of her own. It is personal use only, hope you can make use of it. Thank you Bekki for sending it to me, I am sure people will love it!
Mullberry Lane

You can snag it here...

Bye For now guys!
Pink xx

Monday, 5 November 2012

New Scripts

Just a quickie again guys, my externals gone out so trying to get it back up and running...ugh they are proving so unreliable! And of course it goes at a time I canny afford it...these things never happen when you have a little extra saved do they!
Ok I have 2 new items in store for you, I hope you like them!

 A Decorative Gift

Rudie Reindeer

The gift is a long script due to the high detail in it, older computers may struggle a little with it so with help from Cindy (Puddicat Creations) I have added a split script which should help those who may struggle, Would like to thank Robin also who helped me deal with editing, thanks so much to you both for your help! I've been feeling the pressure a little recently with Lil bit and everything so my brains not co-operating like it I also have Rudie, I am really pleased with how cute he come out, I hope you like him to! I will be back with more soon...some freebies so keep eyes open! Oh and my sale is still one, 40% off everything!
So snag save and most of all enjoy scrapping those memories!
Pink xx

Friday, 2 November 2012

New Twinky The Elf

Hi Guys,

Just a quickie as I'm on my way out the door. New in store, Twinky the Elf, always ready to lend a helping hand he will make an adorable addition to wintery projects.
Also for this weekend ONLY I have increased my sale to 55%, extra savings for you all :)
I will be back with more soon!
Pink xx

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Winter LadyBug

Winter LadyBug My part is FULL SIZE :)
18 elements
14 papers
8 glitter sheets
7 glitter snowflakes

You can snag it here

And the rest of the stops...


Autumn Leaf

A rapid post guys, sorry these are late up!
Autumn Leaf, Mine is FULL SIZE :)
29 elements
5 papers
5 glitter sheets 
You can snag it here

Train Preview

And the rest of the stops...



Pumpkin Patches

Pumpkin Patches My part is FULL SIZE :)
18 elements
11 papers
5 glitter sheets

You can snag it here

And the rest of the stops...

Enjoy! :)

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Home at Last!

Hey guys!

Well after 10 days in the 'hospital' our baby came home! I am so happy to have her back, I missed her madly and am looking forward to spending lots of time with her :) She is under strict instructions for bed rest so as you obviously can't tell them we have set up a large cage for her. There is a tray for the loo, her food and of course her bed and little room left for movement which is perfect to keep her still :) We paid half the bill, the rest is due when they discharge her initial treatment next week, so they have given us a little grace period...not much but enough to fill out loan paperwork for the difference we don't have....or as my son suggested a new mortgage I am still miffed you can be with a vet for over 10 years ALWAYS pay your bills and the one time its so high its difficult they refuse a plan, I even offered paying added interest to make it more worth while but much for 'the love of animals!'
Anyway I've seen the X-rays and the after ones, once you get past all the wiring look much better. She has a ton of stitches in both sides which looks awful but hopefully they will come out next week. Thankfully she doesn't have to wear the 'cone of shame' as she has been good and not bothered with them :) There is of course a down side, the side that was broken, the leg doesn't seem to be working right. She falls over a lot and kinda drags be honest it really looks like a spare part getting in the way which is sad to watch. There is very evident and substantial nerve damage, although she has sensation and can feel pain etc she cannot use it. There is the chance that with time (up to as long as 6 months) the leg will be usable again, it is impossible to tell. You can already see loss of mass to the leg. So once the pains settled some more I am going to manipulate the leg daily in an attempt to prevent muscle waste so should the use of it return she won't be to weak to use it. It is heartbreaking to know she still has such a long risky road ahead but I feel much better now she is home. As the damage was worse within days of the impact the original pins they were going to use were no longer enough, so her pelvis is wired together, something that will need removing once healed fully...which will mean additional surgery at additional cost. Also if the leg continues to waste away then we will be looking at amputation which again will mean additional surgery guessed it additional cost :(The slight up side (and it is slight) is that we are aware it may be coming, so won't come as such a shock and will give us time to save. 
I would like to say A HUGE THANK YOU to all who have donated so far, you have no idea how needed it is. It will be a large financial strain for a while, until she has the all clear at least so all donations no matter how small are very much appreciated.
I hope the next update has more good news in it as well as a happy pic of my baby!
Thanks for reading :)
Pink xx

Sunday, 21 October 2012

New - Sledging Fun

Hey guys,
I have  a new script/template in stores for you...First Christmas one of the year! :)

Sledging Fun

Isn't he adorable! This little guy will fit perfectly into all your wintery projects.
 Don't forget my sale is still on!
So snag and save while you can ;) With it being the weekend there will be no updates bout 'lil bit till monday, hopefully by then the picture will be crystal clear...or at least they will have some idea what the problems are. Fingers crossed its not all bad news! All sales will of course be going to help lil bits recovery and vet bill.
Thanks for looking guys,
                                                              Pink xx

Thursday, 18 October 2012

A New Update

Hey guys,

Well it seems our good fortune may have been short lived :( After speaking to the vet today 'Lil Bit is not coming home as we had hoped, they are going to be keeping her in until at least Monday now. The side that detached is looking good and as it should but the side that broke isn't. Seems she is showing some problem with how she is moving her leg. To early to tell what it is yet although seems likely that its nerve damage. We don't know if it occurred when she was hit, or when we moved her or even if its the screws that have caused it. There was mention of opening her up again and having a look to see, as well as maybe removing the screws after its healed if they are indeed the problem. The pain seems to still be quite bad to so to be able to keep her on morphine they need to keep her in. And a lesser worry is the bladder which still seems to be passing amounts of blood. So much for smooth sailing! They did say it could turn out to just be her being a little fussy about how she is moving but I don't think they would keep her in all weekend if it wasn't something they were really concerned with, especially as they know funds are very limited. Please keep her in your thoughts for us, I know to most she is just a cat but any fur mum will know how attached you can become. We delivered her and she is a large part of the family even if she is so small she has a huge personality and we miss her, not to mention the worry about her :(
Thanks for reading, and a HUGE thanks for the donations so far! Hopefully I can give better news on the next update.
Pink x

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Update - Lil Bit

Hi Guys,

Thought I would update you on the last couple of days as they have been quite eventful. On Tuesday morning they did a second set of X-rays mainly to see if they could get another look at the bladder sadly they showed more damage had actually occurred which was a bit of a shock given the small time line and the fact she was at the vets. It was due to her trying to move around, after further discussion with the vet it became clear surgery was the only way to go. With this damage happening so early on the vet said that a 10-12 day review would show the need for surgery, something they did state at the start and doing it later would be a lot more traumatic for her and more costly for us so it was in her best interest to have it now, although how we will pay for it is a little unclear its a case of worry when we get there. So Tuesday afternoon she underwent over 4 hours of surgery, rebuilding her entire her pelvis. It was the longest 4.5 hours of my LIFE! We all know all surgery has risks and with the size of the screws and area they were working on the risks were high mainly as for a cat she is small but thankfully the surgeon is wonderful and so far it is showing to be a complete success! Today only 24 hours later she is eating a little, drinking some and trying (still) to move. She is now anatomically correct all the risks of bowel issues and arthritis are greatly reduced which is good as she is not an old cat if she had been much older things may have gone a different way but given she is still quiet young she deserves to live as pain free as possible. Of course she is NEVER leaving the house again except maybe on a
I would like to say a HUGE thank you to all who have donated! It means a lot to us that you not only care but appreciate the freebies I offer. Sadly the bill will be huge so donations are still greatly needed and appreciated. Or feel free to go on a shopping spree, everything is 40% off and all proceeds will go towards the bill and on-going care for 'Lil Bits recovery.
Thanks for reading!
Pink x

Monday, 15 October 2012

New - Pilgrims & CU Freebie

Hi guys,

Well had some good news, 'lil bit has passed water! This means her bladder isn't injured and the blood clot is starting to disperse. One less thing to worry about :) She is still in 'hospital' but she is trying to move a little which is also a good sign. They are keeping her a little sedated along with pain medication to her the pain is almost gone making her want to try and move of course the injuries are such that she shouldn't move but its not like you can tell them this. I also want to thank those who have made donations already, you have no idea how much it means to us. She really is one of the family, any pet owner will know how attached we get to our lil fur babes.
Ok I have managed to get a couple new items into stores, pilgrim girl and boy...

 Pilgrim Girl

Pilgrim Boy

Pilgrim Bundle

I do hope you like them and of course if you buy the bundle you will save more, don't forget all things are 40% off! 
 Beth has been working away and has a few freebies for you, here is a preview of just one of them...

Click the image to hurry on over there and snag! Also those wonderful ladies over at creative elegance have work magic to bring you freebies, here is just one preview of the many they make
Again click the image to snag, they also have some jokes that will make you smile so may be worth making coffee first :) Thank you to all of you who have made such beautiful freebies out of my items!
I also have a new paper maker freebie for you, I called it
Ziggy Paper Maker

It ends in layers so you can add textures or more shading, whatever you like, looks good when you make it with papers to, I've played a lot with it. There is also the PSP and PSD templates included for those who don't have PSP :) I do hope you can make use of it. It is full size but resizes to taggers easily and smoothly.
You can snag it here...

Time to go to the vets to visit, best part of the day! Don't forget if you like my freebies then please donate, any amount is welcomed, or hop over to my store and buy something, all sales are also going towards the surgery she needs. A huge thanks to all who have helped so far!
Have a great day,
Pink xx