Thursday, 30 September 2010

Competition Time! And BratPack Train Departs.

Whoo Hoo! Aussie Scrap Designs is holding a ~ Halloween Competition ~ Would you like a chance to win great prizes? Have the store link to your winning entry? Or would you just like to have some fun creating. Well here is your chance. Aussie Scrap Designs is inviting you to create a tag, page or layout using either Halloween elements, scripts or kits you have purchased from our store. Entries need to be emailed to no later than October 28th. Winners will be announced October 31st. Yes we did say *Winners* There are 3 great prizes up for grabs. So hop on over to get those creative juices flowing! Photobucket Next up is the Bratpack train, departing a little early this month. The theme this time was awareness kits, so of course I picked none other than COPD awareness. COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) is a serious lung disease which makes it hard to breathe. Also known by other names, such as emphysema or chronic bronchitis, COPD is now the 4th leading cause of death in the United States and also causes long-term disability. I have had this condition for a while now and know only to well how it can impact on your life. The smallest thing can leave you gasping for someone put it recently, people learn to live with all sorts of conditions but you can never learn to live without air. An attack can be terrifying not only for the sufferer but for close family who witness it. I hope this will help raise more awareness on the illness. The links and preview are below, there are a lot of good causes this month so be sure to hit all stops, please remember we are in different time zones so if a kits not yet up be sure to call back later! Have a great day where ever you are, stay safe! TTFN! Hugs Pink xx COPD Awareness - Personal Use Full size kit Photobucket Snagable here DOWNLOAD And the rest of the stops... Stina ::designs by stina:: Tootypup: Tootypup Scraps Cari: Black Widow Creationz Crys: Sinfully Creative Scraps Crystal: Crystal's Creations Gina: KiKeKa Kits Jessica: Gothic Inspirations Mystee: Majik Of Mystee Designz Nette: Nette's NightOwl Works Nikki: Creative Intentionz Pink: Pink's Poetic Scraps Rose: Mincrisar Department Store Shani: Wicked Princess Scraps Wy: Designs by LK Alikas: Alikas Scraps We hope you enjoy our work :)

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Yet More Halloween!

Hey guys Well I have 5 new scripts in stores for you today! Amazing what you can accomplish when you have good I was hoping to get these up before now but the good days didn't last. I would like to thank those who mailed me wishing me luck for yesterday, it is nice there are so many well wishers around. Sadly the news wasn't what I was hoping for, not that I am sure what I was hoping Looking at the plus side, the consultant was super dishy and I will be getting to see much more of him :) A small silver Ok these are the previews for you, remember I still have a sale on till the 30th! So snag and save while you can :) Spooky Tree Photobucket Trick Or Treat Ghost Photobucket Trick Or Treat Frankenstein Photobucket Trick Or Treat Dracula Photobucket Trick Or Treat Witch Photobucket Trick Or Treat Bargain Bundle 1 Photobucket Trick Or Treat Bargain Bundle 2 Photobucket I have, as a trial made a couple of bargain bundles, if they seem popular I will start to create more of them...if not..well I won' As always I have free samples for those who would like them :) Have a great weekend! Stay safe guys! The preview and links are below! TTFN! Happy scrapping :) Pink xxx Shares Personal use only. Photobucket Snagable here... DOWNLOAD

Thursday, 23 September 2010

New in store, and a freebie!

Hey guys I have two new scripts available for you! Both are in stores now and I still have a sale, but only for a few more days! Here is a preview of my new items... Witches Shoe Photobucket Scarecrow Photobucket You will also find at the end of this post PU freebies of each new item for you to try out :) I have been busy and will have more items very soon...I tend to be slower at posting than Stay safe guys! The preview and links are below! TTFN! Happy scrapping :) Pink xxx Shares Photobucket Snagable here... DOWNLOAD

Sunday, 19 September 2010

New in store, and a freebie!

Hey guys Well I have been busy as usual creating more I ever do anything else you I do have some fab, fab news to share! I have joined a new store! Butterfly Blush Designs :) I have still to upload my items there but had to share the news, I so look forward to working with everyone there :) I have really got into the Halloween mood...helped massively by hourly doses of in readiness of the new season beginning soon! I know being in the UK we won't get all...thank you *%!$6!! But thanks to the internet I can watch on line! I also seem to be watching a lot of Vampire Diaries while PSPing...maybe I am reliving my teenage years...or a mid life crisis...what ever the reason the show is quite cool...not supernatural cool of course but none the less addictive. Enough of my TV Onto the new items, all seem to fly, not that I noticed when creating them... Winged Pumpkin Script Photobucket Winged Skull Script Photobucket A Witch On A Broom Script Photobucket Don't forget everything is 35% off including all new products, so snag and save while you can! I do have quite a few more Halloween to come, but don't want to flood the place so will upload little by little. And I have some shares of these scripts available for you, they are PERSONAL USE only, as ever if you want to use the commercially or have them be a perfect match please purchase the script from any store on the right :) For now its bed time...and the TV is Have a great day and whereever you are...stay safe! The preview and links are below! TTFN! Happy scrapping :) G'night! Pink xxx Script Shares Photobucket Snagable here... DOWNLOAD

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

BNB Blog train Forever fall

Ok last one for way past my bed time! Again we are all in different time zones so if someone hasn't posted yet be sure to call back..everyone has worked real hard and this train has some awesome parts :) For now I will leave you as it is late. Have a great day and stay safe! The preview and links are below! TTFN! Happy scrapping :) G'night! Pink xxx My part is FULL SIZE - PU only Photobucket Snagable here... DOWNLOAD And lastly the rest of the stops... Blog train Bits N Bobs Krissys Scraps Digital BluePrint Designs by Stina Mythical Designs Tootypup Scraps Artmamas Studio Crystals Scrap Creations DNS Scraps Felice Original Miggins does scrapsville Pinks Poetic Scraps Gothic Inspirations Black widow Creationz Created by Jill Creative Intentionz Majik of Mystee Designz We hope you enjoy our work :)

Wilma4ever Blog Train

Hey guys, the first of 2 trains for you tonight, plenty of goodies for you to collect along the way! Please remember if someone has not posted to call back as we are all in different time zones and you wouldn't want to miss any of this train! The preview and links are below! TTFN! Happy scrapping :) Pink x My part is FULL SIZE - PU only Photobucket Snagable here... DOWNLOAD And of course the rest of the stops...

Wilma4Ever(start here)

AW Design

Broken Sky Dezine

Bunchie's Bin

Connie's Creative Chaos

Creation by Sanie

Designs by LK

Designs by sharonb

Disyas Digital Designs

HF Projekte

Holy Scrap O'la


Julie Burger

Just Creations

Kat aka Kats Kreations

Lysiras Graphic World


My-Time Scraps

Pink's Poetic Scraps




Tina Shaw

We hope you enjoy our work :)

New in store and of course a freebie!

Hey guys, just a quick post for now as I will be back later to post some blog trains! I have 2 new scripts in store, I actually created them a while ago (you wouldn't believe the back log I have going on here!) but this is the first chance to post....why..well you may well ask, I have free time as the kids are back to collage...yay! I am enslaved no more! It is my daughters first day at collage and she is going to one out of town, ours doesn't have the course she wants to do, so she knows no-one and has to get up at the crack of dawn to get there. I am so proud of her right now, she has had a rough time really but I hope this is the first step towards getting back on track, fingers crossed :) Anyway on to the scripts... Fantasy Fairy Photobucket Fantasy House Photobucket Both have been tested in PSP9 and up, no plug-ins or filters are required for either. Of course I also have a personal use sample of each script for you as a freebie, I matched them so you could use them together in a LO or whatever :) Remember if you want them to be a perfect match or to use them CU you can purchase the scripts, and I still have a sale going on so 35% off everything right now, snag and save while you can :) Have a fab day and stay safe where ever you are! The preview and links are below! TTFN! Happy scrapping :) BBS Pink xxx Script shares, PU only Photobucket Snagable here... DOWNLOAD

Saturday, 11 September 2010

Ready For Halloween?

I know...not even October yet, but when the iron's hot...Ok I have some fab new items for store, all spooky, cute and adorable! Cat And Pumpkin Script Photobucket Cat And Pumpkin Template Photobucket Ghost and Grave Script Photobucket Ghost and Grave Template Photobucket Ghost and Pumpkin Script Photobucket Ghost and Pumpkin Template Photobucket I have finally got round to making a start with templates, sorry to those who requested them, time seems to get away from my a lot these days. I didn't actually make any Halloween items last year bar a few elements for a kit, so hopefully will have time to create plenty this year to make up for it :) Things would be better if I wasn't constantly doing mad dashes to get away from the PC...yes AWAY! Daddy long legs...its that time of year, and the lamp next to my desk attracts them something horrid...I mean really..what is the point of these creatures..they canny even fly right! They just sort of drift at you, all legs and I HATE them! And run screaming until one of the lads has got rid of them...cats...? I have 6 and not one earns their keep! Ok whining over for today :) Don't forget I still have a sale on, so all these new items are at a bargain price...time to snag and save! Finally I have some shares for you, personal use only. They will make some fab layouts for Halloween of your lil monsters and ghouls! For now its good night! Have a super weekend and stay safe where ever you are! The preview and links are below! TTFN! Happy scrapping :) G'night! Pink xxx Halloween Shares Photobucket Snagable here DOWNLOAD

Saturday, 4 September 2010

Designer Call, More New Items and a freebie!

Hey guys! Photobucket
Looking for a new store to call home? Crafty Delight is looking for designers!
Send email to for more info! This is an excellent store to be a part of, friendly, fun, and above all welcoming which to me is important. So hurry over before applications close! Ok I have got another two items into store, I have quite a back log so will be lots going in over this month as well as lots of freebies! I have a pack of templates, all alien/monsters, just waiting to invade your designs. And I have a new script, first of a couple demon/devil themed ones I've been working on. This lil demon is adorable, and in need of a good home :) Monster Mash Templates Photobucket Lil Demon Script...How cute is he?! Photobucket Don't forget I also have a sale on right now, 35% off everything, including new items, so snag and save while you can :) Lastly I have a script share for you, yes your own lil demon to take home! It is for PERSONAL USE ONLY, if you'd like to use him commercially and have him in any colour/paper/gradient you like then head over to one of the stores and snag the script :) I hope you like him as much as I do! Have a great weekend and stay safe! The preview and links are below! TTFN! Happy scrapping :) G'night! Pink xxx Script Share - Lil Demon Photobucket Snagable here DOWNLOAD

Friday, 3 September 2010

New in store, Sale and a freebie!

Hey guys Well I am having some major PC issues, I managed to screw it up Anyway after much screaming and shouting, altering settings and scratching my head I have managed to half fix the problem...I say half as I still cannot upload images to stores. They show in Zen but not that actual store, which is a And of course I am no Zen expert! I have however managed to get some new items into a couple of stores that do things a little different, so I can share those with you now along with a freebie :) Also I am having a sale the month of September in celebration of my son turning 20. Photobucket I am so proud of him right now, he's training to be a sparky, he is just going into his second year. He has also just got a second job so he can save for a car. This is a huge turn around as he went through the usual teen angst and then some, skipping school, getting into trouble etc. Proof that no matter how bad they are in teen years there is always hope they can turn it round, its never to late :) Ok on to my latest items are as follows...oh and note the groovy new preview I made, cool hey! Castle frame Script Photobucket S'n'S Cherries (Sweet 'n' Script Photobucket Potted tulips script Photobucket Please note at present they are only available at Aussie Scraps and Wilma4ever, blinkies on the right will take you there :) Now also Crafty Delight and Exquisite Scraps...I am getting Thanks so much TJ for all your help! They are all full size, and the cherry script ends in layers so you can use the angel or devil separately is you wish :) Ok last for now is your freebie, I have one element from each script for you to use. They are CU ok, but remember if you want to have them match your designs better or use the devil/angel alone you will need to buy the scripts :) I hope you can make use of them! Have a great weekend and stay safe! The preview and links are below! TTFN! Happy scrapping :) G'night! Pink xxx Script Shares Photobucket Snagable here... DOWNLOAD