Sunday, 25 August 2013

New - Dragons and Bats

Hi guys, I have a couple new items in store for you... 
Vampy Bat
Dragon Flying
Cool hey? I love doing halloween themes so am looking forward to creating some nice dark elements. I also have a freebie for you, it was meant for a recent train but was late as usual and missed the blog roll what with the hospital etc I've been running in circles...or feels like it! Seems a shame to waste it so altered it a little for you to play with. I hope you can use it.
Heart Script
 You can snag it here...
Thanks for looking!

Friday, 16 August 2013

Summers Beach Blog Train

Hi guys,

I have my part of the o'scrap blog train for you.its not all shown in the preview, hope you can use it ;) it is full size as usual.
You can snag it here...

And the rest of the stops...


Enjoy the ride!

Country Fare W4E_BT

Hi Guys,

Sorry this is late, I made a lemonade stand template for you to add to your summer projects. There are also a couple of papers in there for you CU ok.
You can snag it here...

And the rest of the stops...

Wilma4Ever (this is the train station's main hub, there is no download here)

We hope you enjoy our work!
Pink xx

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

New - Sea Plants

Hi people I have a new item in stores for you :) 
Sea Plant Duo Script/Template
Ok so I didn't quite get this done at the weekend but I do have valid reasons. My poor 'Lil Bit (cat) started to pee blood so we had a mad dash to the vets, bless she has been through so much. Luckily its treatable and not caused by the surgery she had. Then I got some not so good news from the doctors and as well as now being a diabetic I am awaiting an urgent hospital app so they can get to the bottom of another more serious issue. Hopefully it will all be a fuss about nothing ;) Anyway sea plant 3 is the freebie I have for you, I hope you can use it.
you can snag it here...
Thats all for now guys,
Thanks for looking!

Saturday, 10 August 2013

New Dragons Eye

Hi people,
I have a new item in stores, for those who like the darker side of things I have this cool dragon. I hope you like it!
New Dragons Eye Script/Template
I have been playing with Loki so much creating seems to have slowed right down. I will be back with a freebie before the weekend is out tho, I promise!

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

New - Baby Bundle & CU Freebie

Hey guys, I have some new items in store...
Baby Bundle
 Baby Bunny
 Baby Elephant
 Baby Giraffe
 Baby Stork
Aren't they adorable! I have been baby mad since Loki arrived, who I adore and spend lots of time with. I have new pix of him for those who adore cute babies...
There are so many people to see to him he hasn't had chance to cry yet, which is a good thing in my book ;) Ok I have been sorting through files as I will finally be getting a new external later this week so can back up my files then send my computer in for repair. While going through everything I found an old script (made in 2010!) Anyway it is baby themed so figured I would share. It is a ring stacker with a gap at the top so you can add a teds head or something to make it super cute, or leave as it is which ever you choose. I hope you can make use of it.
Baby Ring Stacker
Snagable here...

 Thats all for now.
Thanks for looking,
Pink xx

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

BNB Train Sept Theme

Hello there,

We have a new theme for you, kittens pups and pets! Everything from pups to fish to spiders to kittens. We love to have new members if anyone is interested.
You can make anything you like in full or tagger size but please be

sure to let your visitors know what size your item is and that it contains a minimum of 5 items (posers may be 3minimum).

If creating a paper pack please be sure it is for Commercial Use. 

If your taking part be sure to upload your preview to the photo area of the group and fill out the database by the 28th of July.
Not to be Posted before the 1st of Aug.
If you will not be around to post your part of the train
please use the post Scheduler.

 Full train instructions can be found here
 If you would like to hop aboard please join

 We would love to have you!
You can find instructions on how to use the scheduler here just follow steps 1-4

Blog train goes live on the 1st of each month, we look forward to seeing you!


Pink xx

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Baby Shower BNB BT

Hi Guys, 
I have the BNB train for you. This months theme was perfect for me being baby shower. I am having such fun with my grandson, spending lots of time with him while his parents catch up on much needed sleep. He is so adorable and I could cuddle him all day long! I am so lucky to have them live with me so I can be so active with him :)
Ok my kit is as usual full size.
You can snag it here
And the rest of the stops...

Blog train