Tuesday, 26 February 2013

New - Demon Heart Script

New In store, Demon Heart Script/Template. This is awesome for darker kits. Use with or without wings, which ever suits.

 Also Beth is back working her magic, she has a couple of freebies for you. Click the image to hop over and snag :) Gorgeous work hun!

Thanks for looking!

Friday, 22 February 2013

New - Cherry Skull & Emo Ted

Hey all I have some new items in stores for you...
Cherry Skull Script/Template

Emo Ted Script/Template
Hope you like them! And while I have you here there is a great opportunity for you to buy into Bits'n'Bobs Lifers Club! You would get everything, and I mean everything she makes be it a freebie, PTU, Tubes (she is a wonderful artist!), CU elements, and she has started to include her Crafts U Print products! I am a member and have got a wonderful collection so far and it just keeps on coming. Her work is amazing and to know I will receive everything she will ever make...well its like Christmas and Birthdays all rolled together. Interested? Well you can do one of two things, hop over to her blog to purchase which is here. Or if you join her forum ACDIVA.COM you will get the same membership with one third off and be part of a fab forum with the chance to meet new people along with the option to win prizes, do challenges and grab freebies. She is a fab artist and the deal is awesome, so if you want everything she has ever made and will make hop on over to the forum for discount! Thats it for now, I will be back soon with a new freebie! 
Thanks for reading!
Pink xx

Friday, 15 February 2013

My Funny Valentine - BT


Here is my part of the wonderful Wilma4Ever blog train...It is as always full size and I have added co-ordinating glitter sheets for you.
You can snag it here...

And the rest of the stops...
Hi all it's that time again! Time for the Wilma4ever Blog Train to leave the station!
The theme "My Funny Valentine" remember we all live in different time zones so please check back if you do not see a part. :) Enjoy your trip!

Enjoy the ride!

Monday, 11 February 2013

Special Offer!

Hey guys,
I had to alter the deal a little so I could produce coupon correctly but you now get 4 more items with deal one and 9 more with deal two!

You know the if I had a pound for every time I was asked about holding a buy my store deal I would be very rich by now..lol. With the amount of products I have a buy my store deal is not something I would ever do. However I have come up with what I hope is the next best thing! A special deal, $80 of scripts for $20 Which is up to 29 scripts or template, deal two is $120 worth for only $30 getting you up to 44 scripts or templates, bundles are excluded. This is a very limited offer, only 10 of each deal will be sold so if your interested get on down to stores now!

This is a one time, one off offer that will not be repeated. See in stores for details! Happy shopping :)
Pink xx

Sunday, 10 February 2013

New - Cute Couple & CU Freebie

Hey People!

I have a new item in stores for you, I hope you like them...I think they are quite cute :)
Cute Couple Script/Template
As usual template is included and it ends in layers so you can add or subtract things as you wish. And I have a little CU freebie for you, I made these glitter sheets a while ago for a project which is now all done so figured I would share. They are full size, and can be easily re-coloured, I hope you can use them ;)
Glitter Sheets - Full Size
You can snag them here...
Thats it for now, enjoy the rest of the weekend!
Pink xx

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

New - Tweet Love & Clover Girl

Hey all, I have some new items in store for you. Tweet love, two adorable birds who are deeply in love, aren't they great? I also have clover girl, who started out as daisy girl but with St Patties coming up I made a couple of adjustments. It ends in layers so she can be used all year round by omitting the clovers and replacing with decorations or flowers of your choice. She is just so darn cute hey?! I hope you like them :)

Tweet Love

Clover Girl
I would also like to say thank you very much to those who leave comments, especially the regulars, it does mean the world that you take the time to say what you think and I enjoy reading them.They inspire me greatly to continue :)
I will be back with more later!
Pink xx

Saturday, 2 February 2013

New - Love Jar

Hey all,
I have a new item in stores for you today :) Little Mr Mousey and his Love Jar! I hope you like him!
Also down at Scriptz R Us It is fortnightly frenzy time! Select designers are on sale at crazy low prices, including me! All my items (excluding bundles) are on sale for today only at $1.50! So click image or Scriptz R Us to start saving now!
Thanks for looking guys, have a wonderful weekend!
Pink xx

Friday, 1 February 2013

Train - Full Of Love BNB

Here is the last of the trains for now, a big welcome back for the BNB train, been a few months since it last left the station, Glad its back as I missed this one! :) Some gorgeous parts to collect, as usual mine is FULL size and contains 10 papers and 20 elements.

 Snagable here...

And the rest of the stops...
For riders of the train please remember to say thank you as
that small little gesture makes it worth while for many
designers to continue creating freebies for you all ;O)

Blog train

 Enjoy guys!

Train - HeartBreaker OS

I'm back, this time with the O'Scrap Blog Train, Heartbreaker! I had a lot of fun with this one, the colours are wild and wonderful :) As usual my part is FULL size with 10 papers and 24 elements. There are many fabtastic parts to collect.

Snagable here...

 All parts preveiw
you can snag them at the links below...


Hope you enjoy the ride, will have another train shortly!

Train - Love Me Tender BP

Hey, I have my part in the fabulous Love Me Tender Train. There are lots of great parts to collect. As usual mine is FULL size and contains 10 papers and 19 elements. Hope you like it!


Snagable here...

And the rest of the stops...