Sunday, 15 April 2012

Angels BT And Winners!

Hey guys, Ok so I really have gotten a little behind what with one thing and another. Hopefully now I have solved the issue of the download, I couldn't join mediafire as I cannot upload while with my current Internet provider (how sucky is that?) Although I am going to change provider it will take time so meanwhile I have found a nifty little site called SugarSync. This site can handle my providers constant resets which is why I can't upload to Mediafire, anyone with talk talk who can upload there let me know! Things are never simple are they? I've also got behind with the contest so I am going to announce a double draw to make up for it :) SO here are the two winners of this draw... BLUE CAT WICKED CREATIONZ Congrats ladies! Drop me a line letting me know which script or template you'd like and I will send it your way :) Ok I am getting nowhere fast really with this virus my PC has, working in system 32 always makes me nervous so I find my self checking and double checking then checking Slow going for sure, this is a deep root virus that really has webbed its way round :( I hear ya Dwana, ya dare not hit delete in case your PC goes bye bye. Ok here is the last of the two trains, I managed to finish it at the very last minute as usual, I really loved this one, doodling was fun and the colours were a delight to work with. I hope ya all like it! Try to say hi if you do :) DO NOT UPLOAD ELSE WHERE! Not all shown :) <span class= My part is full size and snagable here... Link Expired And the rest of the stops... Wilma4Ever (start here) ABCreations April the Scrapaholic Craftypoly's Curiosity Shop Crystal's Creations Digicats (& Dogs) EmJay Scraps Galerie de Jackie Sugarbutt Designs Joyfully Yours Susannah Krazi Daizi Kreationz Moody Designz Nette's NightOwl Works Pink's Poetic Scraps S.G.Rowe Designs Scrappin Wright Tina Shaw Wilma Fourever Always Creations That's it for now! Enjoy hugs Pink xx

Brat Pack Train Under Construction

Hey people, first up please forgive my lack on updates, I have been having a terrible time with my system so have been unable to get on line much. I will hopefully catch up more tomorrow but for now I finally managed to get this train up...I have another that will be coming real soon also. This month we could pick our own themes and colours, so I went with construction, I sure hope you like it and can make use of it. DO NOT UPLOAD ANYWHERE ELSE! Photobucket Snagable here... Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Or from SugarSync Full Kit And the rest of the stops...

Sunday, 1 April 2012

January Rain Spring Wedding Train

Hey guys, Ok I am back with a kit for you all. First let me apologise for it still being with 4shared, I have split the file into 3 so all of you should be able to download without any issue. If you have an issue let me know by mailing me and I will see if I can send you it :) I am unable to upload to mediafire at all, but I am hoping that I may be able to send the file to someone else and have them upload it for me...I am also working with their customer service in solving the problem but it is looking like it is the nasty virus I have that is causing the problems for me....The worst is I cannot record scripts in one go, I have to split them which makes it quite disheartening, not to mention long, especially when I get suddenly diverted, frozen out so I have to reboot and loose it all :( Anyway enough of my woes, Beth has again worked her magic with the ladybug train, you can see the awesome pages she has made here. They are wonderful hunni, thank you for sharing with us :) Sadly I am having difficulty showing her previews here due to the virus. This train Summer Wedding is wonderful, I loved working with such delicate soft colours, it created beautiful papers and elements. Remember we are all spread out so if someone hasn't got a part up yet be sure to call back! DO NOT UPLOAD ELSE WHERE! Photobucket Snagable here...