Friday, 24 December 2010

Merry Christmas + CU freebie!

Hey guys... I don't give as many CU freebies out as I used to I know, I did tell myself once followers hit 100 I would leave one then every 25 after that, but alas it never came to be :( I will of course still do it should it happen but until then we will have to suffice with special occasions. :) As a thank you to all my faithful followers, and all the ones who leave thanks and comments without fail each time, I read each and every one, I created a new script, The Cupcake Deluxe! And yes I forgot the Oh well, not everything can be right :) I wasn't sure I would have time to do it with being so ill but luckily I am feeling much better as are the kids. I do hope you like it. It will only be a freebie over the next couple of days, the link will be closed on the 28th dec So snag while you can guys! Just a reminder that my sale is ongoing until Jan 1st :) I would like to say Merry Christmas to you all! I hope you all have a great time :) Stay safe a look after yourselves! Link and preview below! TTFN Hugs Pink xx Cupcake script - CU ok Shadow on Preview only Photobucket Snagable here... In stores now!

Freebie, only a short time!

Only at Wilma4ever!
Click image to snag ;)
Ends real soon! So snag now to avoid disappointment... Merry Christmas!

Monday, 20 December 2010

New In Store + Sale

Hey guys Well finally able to drag myself outta bed for short periods and managed to create a beautiful rose for you :) It comes complete with satin bow. They end in layers so you can use them together or alone, depending on what you need and I put in the option to colour the roses different colours for those who wish to do so. I do hope you like it, of course a free sample is available to any who'd like it. Roses Photobucket Also, I am holding a sale, everything is included for a short time only! Photobucket So snag and save while you can ;) Ok I am starting to flag again, so back to resting up :) I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas if I don't get back again before! Links and previews below! TTFN Hugs Pink xx Shares are PU only Photobucket Snagable here... DOWNLOAD

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

New In Store + Freebie!

Hey guys, I have some new items in store... Button decoration script Photobucket Holly sprig script Photobucket Mug O Coco Script Photobucket I hope you like them, freebies of them are at the end of this post. Well madam is feeling somewhat better, her temps down some which is good, sadly her BF has it, my youngest son has it and it hit me like a train about 6 hours ago...but is there ever anyone to nurse the nurse? Of course So figured I would post these then I can crawl into bed knowing things are done :) Also a reminder that Thursday only I will joining in Butterfly Blushes Thrifty Thursday sale, all my products will be 99c...! Also down at crafty delight there are give aways each day, collect them all will give you a wonderful free kit, so drop by to snag each part! Blinkies for all stores can be found on the right there. I think that is brain is part fried due to fever and arms hurt...who am I kidding everything All feels so amplified with having the other condition! Hope you all have a great day! Links and previews below! TTFN Hugs Pink xx All shares are PU only Photobucket Snagable here... DOWNLOAD

Toot toot Holiday Treats BT

Hey again :) The second and last for this time, I have to say I love the colours of this one and wish I had more time to create more for it, but kids are sick...yes madam has spread her So not much time for anything other than being the gofar! We are all in different areas so if a parts not up call back later...this is one sweet train :) For now, G'night! Hugs Pink xxx My Part is Full Size.. Photobucket Snagable here... DOWNLOAD And the rest of the stops...

Wilma4Ever(start here) ABCreations AW Design Anita Bunchie's Bin CraftyKittyDesigns Creations By Rain FaeIdnam HF Projekte JessicasSweetNothings Joyfully Yours, Susannah Lysiras Graphic World Pink's Poetic are here Rieka_Rafita S.G.Rowe Designs Tina Shaw Wilma4ever

Coming home for Christmas BT

Hey guys! The first of two trains for you tonight, coming home for Christmas! Lots of excellent kits for you to collect here, remember we are in different time zones so if ones not posted yet be sure to call back later. All the stops are below! TTFN! Pink xxx My Part is Full size Photobucket Snagable here... DOWNLOAD And the rest of the stops...
Blog train

Sunday, 12 December 2010


Hey guys, Ok well yesterday was my sons birthday and I planned to post this freebie then but things got chaotic and time ran away from me as it has now It has been a while since I gave away a free script so thought I would post this as I feel it is quite fitting. Its based on a design my son made at art collage for his girlfriend, I copied it and with a few alterations I got the Pearl Heart Charm. I made it sometime ago now and found it again last week...I dread to think what I have stored away in the zillion of files I It was tested in all but PSPx3 as that wasn't out at the should work fine in that version to...leave a comment if it does ;) Oh and before I forget, the store Butterfly Blush holds a 99c sale every Thursday, its called thrifty Thursday, and this coming week I will be joining the sale, that's right guys, one day only ALL my items will be 99c ONLY at Butterfly Blush! Time for me to go, my girl is back early this weekend as she is really quite sick bless and is suffering in all departments. Enjoy! And have a great day. The preview and links are below, TTFN Pink xxx Pearl Heart Charm Photobucket Snagable here... DOWNLOAD

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Whoo whoo! New Train!

A new train is departing guys, and boy are there some fantastic freebies for you to snag along the way! Be sure to hit all stops, but remember we are in different time zones so if one parts not up yet make a note to call back! You won't want to miss a stop ;) Also if your a designer and you wish to join this fantastic train then hop to the main blog for details, you can find it here. Ok Way past my bed time tonight... Enjoy! And have a great day. The preview and links are below, TTFN Pink xxx The Christmas Sleigh ride Photobucket You can snag my part here... DOWNLOAD And the rest of the stops...

New In Store + Freebie!

Hey Guys! Yep, I have more snowmen, could not help I have two new scripts in store, and of course samples for any who want them...quick post but stay tuned, blog train follows in a moment! Ribbon Tree Photobucket Snowman A Box Photobucket Enjoy! And have a great day. The preview and links are below, TTFN Pink xxx Shares, PU only Photobucket Snagable here... DOWNLOAD

Sunday, 5 December 2010

New In Store and Updates + Freebie!

Hey Guys, Ok first up, Aussie Scraps has a great offer on! Take a look at this... Photobucket There are all sorts of goodies in there, Scripts, posers, kits a mix of CU & PU, something for everyone, all you need to do is shop and if you spend enough you get it free. Blinkie is on the right along with my other stores :) Next up beth has been busy making more goodies, she has this wonderful QP for you made from one of my blog train kits... Photobucket You can snag that and other goodies on her blog here. Great job hunni as always! Well I have been busy busy, I have 2 new scripts for you! First is a candy cane plant, with such a cute bow, ends in layers so bow and canes can be used alone or you can fill vase with own goods if you wish... Candy Cane Plant Script Photobucket Next is this adorable bird, catching some warmth by the lamps light. He is so cute with those ear muffs! There's quite a lot of detail in this one, I hope you can give him a warm home! By Lamp Light Script Photobucket Ok I think that is it for now, boy I need to re-do my blog, Halloween is I will be back soon with more shares, I have joined more stores so will be announcing them...once I have items in them of And of course I am working on lots more items, I should be called WIP! I had friends over this weekend so was surprised I got anything done, we were chatting about kids, and the trials and tribulations they all bring. We got into a debate, is there ever a time you should give up on your child and say enough is enough. I think not, by my friend thinks there is, she thinks if they give you enough trouble then eventually you have to say no more, throw them out and have done, is that harsh..? Or am I queuing up to be a pushover? If you have thoughts please feel free to share them, I would be interested in your views :) Shame there is no book hey saying how to raise your Ok I have babbled enough. Shares follow, of course :) Enjoy! And have a great day. The preview and links are below, TTFN Pink xxx Script Shares PU only Photobucket Snagable here... DOWNLOAD