Monday, 3 August 2009

New Look and New Freebie!

Hey all! Well I can now say I have shaken off the flu virus, finally! I have had flu before but wow this was like the super flu or something! Every time I thought I was feeling better it knocked me back again, and worse than before! But for the first time in over 2 weeks my temp is below 100 and I don't ache anywhere. So I am hoping to get back to designing some more things now, I know the last couple of weeks I have been a little slow with it all. And I am coming back with style! All change! I love my new look, thanks so much Lady Shannon for all the blog sets you made me, they are all so gorgeous! Expect a few new looks now I have enough to chop and change when I like :) I would also like to point out I finally have a blinkie to!! Isn't it beautiful? It was made (with some speed I may add!) by the talented Tara, thank so much, I know I couldn't have made anything as good as that and it would have taken me days! Without these ladies my new look wouldn't have been possible so big hugs to you both! Next up I have some previews for you, there are some shoe templates for girly projects and some medieval templates for the little adventurers :)I also made a couple of little scripts. All can be found in store here FairyDreamDesigns 
New in store! 

Lastly I have a freebie script for you :) It has been tested in PSP9 and up, requires no plug ins and comes with a few examples to get you going. It is as ever CU friendly, and is a lot of fun to play with...or is that just I hope you like it! Ok I need to rest my brain, all the HMLT codes etc have turned it to cotton Have a fantastic day/night where ever you are, take care! TTFN! The preview and links are below! Happy scrapping :) Hugs Pink xx My Flower Trio 

Snagable here DOWNLOAD Don't forget the thank you! :)