Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Plumeria Splash & Outer Space

Hey guys,

I have a new script in stores for you Plumeria Splash, a different take on the popular exotic flower :) You get to choose all the colours including up to 3 for the flower, ends in layers so you can make your own neat designs, adding things in or taking away. I hope you like it.

Also I am still on sale, 40% off everything so snag and save while you can!

Finally I have a little freebie for you, I have had this on my computer since November 09 when I started it and I finished it a couple of months ago...does it qualify as the longest kit in creation??...lol Anyway I was going to add it to stores but I've run out of steam with it. There are 15 papers and 47 elements, most are hand drawn by me. It is full size I used pale greenish blue colours with a splash of golden yellow, I hope you like it and can make use of it.

Outer Space

You can snag it here...

Ok I would forget my head if it weren't screwed on...lol. Beth bless her has yet again worked her magic with my part of the Muted Jewels Train and made an adorable QP for you to snag...
Isn't it gorgeous!? To snag click the image and a new tab will take you there, thanks Beth hunni and so sorry I forgot...shoot me later ;)
A little thanks goes a long way :)
Thanks for looking,
Pink xx

Friday, 20 July 2012

New - Crying Heart Script

Hey all,

A quick update to share whats new in store, the Crying Heart Script. The template is now also included in new script files so no separate purchase is needed. An unusual script that I hope you will like.

I am still on sale, plus I am offering my Crafty License at a discount for a short time only, let me add this is likely to be a one off so save while you can :)
Those who have left/mailed me thanks it is much appreciated :)
Thanks for looking
have a super weekend!
Pink xx

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Crafty License Short Term Sale

 Just a quick update....

For a short time only my Crafty License is on sale, see here for details, hurry this offer will not last long so snag and save before its gone!
Have a great day!
Pink xx

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Tiger Face Butterfly

I have a new script in stores. I Had a lot of fun playing with this one and I am pleased with the outcome, I hope you like it to :) .....

Don't forget my sale is still on so snag and save before its to late :)
I would like to thank the few who left messages of thanks for the last train I posted, these little notes may seem like nothing much but ask any designer and most will say it is what spurs them on to create more freebies, it tells us our time is appreciated. Without it can be very disheartening :( So to those few I thank you for taking the time :)
Have a great day.
Pink x

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Muted Jewel Tones Train

I have the wilma4ever train for you, the theme is muted jewel tones this month, I had fun playing with SBP I don't often get chance.
My part is full size, not all shown, I hope you can use it.

Snagable here...

And the rest of the stops...

Please remember that we're all on different time zones, so come back if the
other designers do not have their parts up yet. And remember to leave some love
for the designers, that's what keeps them participating each month!!! Continue
following the Blog Train from the list below to gather all your freebies and
make one huge coordinating kit:

Pink x

Saturday, 14 July 2012

New in store

Hey guys,

I have a new item in store for you, a fourth butterfly :) Ok I have actually done a lot more than 4 but I think they are so pretty! I hope you like it...

Also I am still on sale...no idea how much longer for so snag and save while you can :)

I will be back with a train for you on the 15th so watch this space :) I've not posted any recent freebies as I was very disheartened by the lack of thanks with the last few freebies and trains I offered. The few regulars that always say thank you I would like to say it is much appreciated and I am sorry that this spoils things for you. So for the time being trains will be the only freebies unless of course things change.
Have a great weekend!
Pink xx

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

New - Leopard Face Butterfly

Just a quick update for you, I have new items in stores...

Leopard Face Butterfly Script/Template

Birthday Bash Script/Template

The Birthday bash is a former freebie which regular readers will recognise :)
Also Beth has been working her magic on my parts of recent trains and has a couple of freebies for you!

All you need to do is click either image to hop over and snag! Thanks hunni you have done a wonderful job as usual.
Thanks all for now,
happy scrapping!
Pink xxx

Friday, 6 July 2012

Leopard Butterfly

Hey guys, Just a quickie to share my new script/template with you.
Leopard Butterfly Script/Template
Thanks for looking :)
Pink xx

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Once Upon A Time....

Hey Guys,

I am back with a new train for you :) I joined this wonderful train last month as I loved the theme, I've always liked fantasy themes so was thrilled when I heard about this train. There are some wonderful parts to collect so be sure to collect them all :)
My part is full size and personal use only, I hope you like it!

Snagable here...

Toot! Toot! The Dusk 2 Dawn Once Upon a Time Blog Train has left the station! Grab your favorite story book and hop aboard the train for a magical journey of dragons and knight, princess and fairies, heroes and villians!

Our designers have some truly magical goodies for you!

Please remember that all our designers are all in different time zones. If a part is not up, please return later for it. And be sure to leave a little for all our designers hard work when you download! :)

Here are the stops



Debs Design

Digicats (& Dogs)

Ditz Bitz

Grant Designs Posers

Irish Bitch Designs

Pink's Poetic Scraps

Sweet Cravings Scraps

Wicked Creationz Scraps

We hope you enjoy our work and would love to see anything you make!
Bye for now,
Pink xx

Ice Cream = Happiness Blog Train

Hey people,

The January Rain train is here with an awesomely sweet theme, Ice Cream = Happiness, we all know how true that can be! There are some cute kits to collect so be sure to visit all stops. My part is full size and personal use only :) I hope you like it.


Snagable here...

And the rest of the stops...


Always Creations


Capricious Scraps


Designs by LK

Digicats (& Dogs)

Ditz Bitz

Gimptastic Scraps

Pink's Poetic Scraps

Sweet Cravings Scraps

Thats all for now, I will be back soon with another!
Pink xx