Monday, 5 November 2012

New Scripts

Just a quickie again guys, my externals gone out so trying to get it back up and running...ugh they are proving so unreliable! And of course it goes at a time I canny afford it...these things never happen when you have a little extra saved do they!
Ok I have 2 new items in store for you, I hope you like them!

 A Decorative Gift

Rudie Reindeer

The gift is a long script due to the high detail in it, older computers may struggle a little with it so with help from Cindy (Puddicat Creations) I have added a split script which should help those who may struggle, Would like to thank Robin also who helped me deal with editing, thanks so much to you both for your help! I've been feeling the pressure a little recently with Lil bit and everything so my brains not co-operating like it I also have Rudie, I am really pleased with how cute he come out, I hope you like him to! I will be back with more soon...some freebies so keep eyes open! Oh and my sale is still one, 40% off everything!
So snag save and most of all enjoy scrapping those memories!
Pink xx


BlueCat said...

WOW! This is very very pretty!

Robin said...

Pink, you are most welcome for the help. It was my pleasure to be able to do so.

For those thinking about purchasing Pink's beautiful Decorative Gift script - It is worth the extra time it takes.