Monday, 10 December 2012

New - Two Cute Snowmen

Hey guys,

I have 2 new snowmen in stores for you, they are real cute happy fellows :) I hope you like them to!

The Happy Snowman

Ice Skating Snowman

Well it just keep raining bad news here...loll. I still can't get 'Lil Bit back to the vets so am avioding the vets calls for the time being...they just don't get it do they? No cash means no cash, no matter how much she needs it I am not gonna magic cash out of thin air, cannot be done. See if they really cared about the animals best interest, surely they would give someone who has been with them 10+ years a bit of leway and allow payments, so I beg the question as to how urgent it really is. I do know it needs doing and as soon as I have the money she will be there in a heartbeat.
My lad is still off work, he is recovering slowly and is coping very well until he tries to over do Most lads would be over joyed at the thought of not moving from the TV or computer for days...after all they need prising away from it to go to work, but no...he wants to get back to work so badly I have had to talk to his boss and tell them to cover until I say its ok, and to ignore my son....cannot be to careful when its your heart, you sure can't live without it! If I need to chain him down, so be it!
On a lighter note my youngest son is 21 tomorrow and so excited! His girlfriend has spoilt him rotten with gifts and my parents are going to put him through his driving test, paying for it all :) They offered it at 18 as with all my children but he was more interested in X-box Anyway I have s few gifts to wrap and cards to write so will leave you all in peace.
My mad sale is still on over at my guest spot, click sale tag to save! Includes new items!

Bye for now!
Pink x

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