Wednesday, 7 March 2012

4shared issues

Hi all, seems there are some problems with my 4shared link, I am doing everything I can to get it up so you don't have to log in or open an account, please bare with me, if you like you can mail me and I will try to split the file and mail it to you, my e-mail is top left. Thanks guys for your patience! Hugs Pink xx


EAL Designs said...

hey Pink it's not just you, it's been doing that for the last week or two, you might want to try I found it to be better for sharing freebies, and use it mostly as of late.
Hope all's well :)
sending hugs

@TheOtherRosie said...

The 4Shared problem may be 4Shared. I've been downloading from other sites & getting empty zips. I thought it might just be me; but maybe it's 4Shared.

Thanks for sharing.I wish you all the best.