Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Sea Breeze

Well I don't know about you but I sure am getting ready for holiday season! Sun, sea, surf and relaxation! Just what the doctor ordered ;) In eagerness of needing a holiday I created this little kit. I have to say I am quite proud of this one, there are a few things in there I haven't quite managed until now, practise, practise and more practise pays off, after the cursing and hair pulling of course..lol. I am still very much finding my feet in the scrapping world, which I have come to realise is huge!! I had no idea so many people were into this. Anyway to the kit, I hope you like it, I also made another QP. I am assuming the last one was ok as there have been no complaints :) To all those who have left some love, thank you! It really makes my day to read your lovely comments. The previews and links are below! Happy scrapping :) Hugs Pink xx Sea Breeze QP  

Snagable here DOWNLOAD Sea Breeze (papers and elements are in one zip, I just previewed separately)  

Snagable here FULL SIZE KIT DOWNLOAD TAGGERS KIT DOWNLOAD Enjoy, and as it downloads, please comment either here or 4shared :)


Kathy said...

I love the new look Mommy and the new scrap kit is awesome.. I tried to snag the scrap kit.. but my computer is downloading anything from 4shared for some reason.. and I'm getting really mad about it.. but what I can see these ones look awesome.

I love you

Anonymous said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today (look for timestamp: 31 Mar [LA 09:00pm, NY 11:00pm] - 01 Apr [UK 04:00am, OZ 02:00pm] ).

Anonymous said...

thanks for dropping by! i've already added you to my blogroll. :)

Teresa said...

Hey! Sorry about your puppy. I hope he's all better now.

S4H is when you scrap and get paid for it for others. I've never done it, but I think it includes things like making people blog backgrounds/designs or quickpages, announcements, etc - something they pay for and you use scrapbooking kits to make.

S4O is if you wanted to make a scrapbook page for your mom (or friend or someone), without getting paid, just for fun, then you can do that.

The designer gives you permission to use these things for that. When someone creates something, it is automatically copyrighted to them, and when they share what they make, they are giving license for others to use it. So, if they didn't want you to use it for others (whether S4H or S4O), then legally you would be required to follow that.

The one thing to keep in mind is that almost every single designer I've seen, when they say that their products are S4H or S4O friendly, you must only give a final flattened version of the product. You are not allowed to give a file that still has layers that the person can pull items out of the layers. So, only the final product can be given to them.

It's only when you purchase a commercial item that you can give a file that still has layers (such as a quickpage that you want to have more options, so you don't flatten and you leave layers). But you can only do taht with commercial items and almost for sure you are still required to alter the product somehow.

Hope that helps and makes sense! Let me know if you need more explanation:-)

Robyn said...

Hi Pink,

I wanted to thank you for stopping by my blog and also thank you for your wonderful comments! I wanted to stop by and check out your site and wow you are good at this stuff. I checked out both of your sites and they are awesome, great job! Thank you so much Robyn

Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by! You have a beautiful blog and lots of fun stuff! :o)

TammyJo's Creations said...

Hi Pink ! Your blog is really looking grand. I love it. As for your question on the dpi ... Full size kits are normally done at 300 dpi which is the resolution - 300 DPI resolution makes for great printing of scrap kits ( to do tangible scrap kit creations with ). Most Tagger size kits are done at 72 dpi which is done for digital needs rather than printing out. Most artists will create their tubes and such at 72dpi so that even if someone goes against their wishes on printing them - the print will not be as good as the prints they sell of their art because the resolution is low .
In PSP you can set your resolution in the resize option or when you begin a new file. Let's say for a full size kit paper which should be 12 x 12 " , go to file, new - 3600 by 3600 inches and right below that area is the resolution - it is normally set like 118.000 or 72.000 - go to the drop down box beside it and choose pixels by inch and then change the #'s to 300.000 if they did not appear automatically when changing to pixels/inch . Then when you create your paper - it's all set for the proper dpi for a full size kit. Most full size kits elements are the same 300 dpi though I see a lot with their elements at a lower dpi.. For full size kits the elements need to fit the paper and a lot of times you can download a kit and if you open a paper and then one of the elements -add the element in a new layer to the paper and you can barely see the element lol - a few of my first kits are like that as I really didn't measure them up. But I do since I noticed that.
There are some Tagger size kits that are done at 300 dpi also but for the most part, they are to be done at 72 dpi - smaller in size for those that like to create stationery, webpages etc - easier to handle for digital work as well and most do not print kits that are tagger size .
Not sure if my explanation is all that great so if you need more of one- feel free to stop by and write again and I'll try explaining when I've had more coffee ( still on first cup of the morning lol ).
I want to download some of your new kits but need to wait until free bandwidth time . They look great !
You've been bussssssssssy! Woohoo you go girl !
LOL@ the photobucket images on my blog, it is driving me bonkers- but its a good sign too- it means my blog is getting looked at alot ;-) I've been replacing some of the images with hosting at a few different places in hopes that doesn't happen again. It just made my poor blogs look sooooo bad.

Thanks for stopping by and adding my blinkie to your blog. I will return the favor ;-)

Keep up the great work ! I'll be back during free bandwidth time to download some more of your beautiful kits.

Hugs, TammyJo

Anonymous said...

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Tashalee said...

Thank you again so very much for sharing your fantastically awesome designs :-)
Tasha x