Sunday, 15 March 2009

Link Fixed

Seems I posted the link to my St Patrick's day kit instead of the link to the taggers sized Easter all I am sorry and the link has been fixed :) Thank you for letting me know and let this be a lesson for me not to post when so


Teresa said...

Your background looks great! Glad you were able to get it to work for you. As for your question about using other people's kits, you can as long as it's allowed in the TOU. Often all they want is credit:-)

Teresa said...

yeah, it can be confusing sometimes as to what is okay! Generally speaking, it seems like if most designers are okay with personal use (especially S4H or S4O), they are okay with you using it as a background on your blog. Though, if in doubt, be sure to email and ask them. I've done that before;-)

Oh, and to get good color combinations, try looking at clothes you think are cute or something that already has a color scheme you like. That's what I do! Actually, if you look on my blog at the first photo of Violet, you'll see the dress she is wearing - that dress happens to be the base of my color scheme for that kit.

Good luck!

Teresa said...

Poor puppy! I hope he/she is feeling better.

To answer your question, S4H is Scrap for Hire and S4O is Scrap for Others. Often you'll see a kit say whether they allow S4H or S4O.

Hope you're getting some rest:-)