Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Update - Lil Bit

Hi Guys,

Thought I would update you on the last couple of days as they have been quite eventful. On Tuesday morning they did a second set of X-rays mainly to see if they could get another look at the bladder sadly they showed more damage had actually occurred which was a bit of a shock given the small time line and the fact she was at the vets. It was due to her trying to move around, after further discussion with the vet it became clear surgery was the only way to go. With this damage happening so early on the vet said that a 10-12 day review would show the need for surgery, something they did state at the start and doing it later would be a lot more traumatic for her and more costly for us so it was in her best interest to have it now, although how we will pay for it is a little unclear its a case of worry when we get there. So Tuesday afternoon she underwent over 4 hours of surgery, rebuilding her entire her pelvis. It was the longest 4.5 hours of my LIFE! We all know all surgery has risks and with the size of the screws and area they were working on the risks were high mainly as for a cat she is small but thankfully the surgeon is wonderful and so far it is showing to be a complete success! Today only 24 hours later she is eating a little, drinking some and trying (still) to move. She is now anatomically correct all the risks of bowel issues and arthritis are greatly reduced which is good as she is not an old cat if she had been much older things may have gone a different way but given she is still quiet young she deserves to live as pain free as possible. Of course she is NEVER leaving the house again except maybe on a
I would like to say a HUGE thank you to all who have donated! It means a lot to us that you not only care but appreciate the freebies I offer. Sadly the bill will be huge so donations are still greatly needed and appreciated. Or feel free to go on a shopping spree, everything is 40% off and all proceeds will go towards the bill and on-going care for 'Lil Bits recovery.
Thanks for reading!
Pink x

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