Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Home at Last!

Hey guys!

Well after 10 days in the 'hospital' our baby came home! I am so happy to have her back, I missed her madly and am looking forward to spending lots of time with her :) She is under strict instructions for bed rest so as you obviously can't tell them we have set up a large cage for her. There is a tray for the loo, her food and of course her bed and little room left for movement which is perfect to keep her still :) We paid half the bill, the rest is due when they discharge her initial treatment next week, so they have given us a little grace period...not much but enough to fill out loan paperwork for the difference we don't have....or as my son suggested a new mortgage application...lol. I am still miffed you can be with a vet for over 10 years ALWAYS pay your bills and the one time its so high its difficult they refuse a plan, I even offered paying added interest to make it more worth while but no...so much for 'the love of animals!'
Anyway I've seen the X-rays and the after ones, once you get past all the wiring look much better. She has a ton of stitches in both sides which looks awful but hopefully they will come out next week. Thankfully she doesn't have to wear the 'cone of shame' as she has been good and not bothered with them :) There is of course a down side, the side that was broken, the leg doesn't seem to be working right. She falls over a lot and kinda drags it...to be honest it really looks like a spare part getting in the way which is sad to watch. There is very evident and substantial nerve damage, although she has sensation and can feel pain etc she cannot use it. There is the chance that with time (up to as long as 6 months) the leg will be usable again, it is impossible to tell. You can already see loss of mass to the leg. So once the pains settled some more I am going to manipulate the leg daily in an attempt to prevent muscle waste so should the use of it return she won't be to weak to use it. It is heartbreaking to know she still has such a long risky road ahead but I feel much better now she is home. As the damage was worse within days of the impact the original pins they were going to use were no longer enough, so her pelvis is wired together, something that will need removing once healed fully...which will mean additional surgery at additional cost. Also if the leg continues to waste away then we will be looking at amputation which again will mean additional surgery at...you guessed it additional cost :(The slight up side (and it is slight) is that we are aware it may be coming, so won't come as such a shock and will give us time to save. 
I would like to say A HUGE THANK YOU to all who have donated so far, you have no idea how needed it is. It will be a large financial strain for a while, until she has the all clear at least so all donations no matter how small are very much appreciated.
I hope the next update has more good news in it as well as a happy pic of my baby!
Thanks for reading :)
Pink xx

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Stacey said...

I'm so glady your little one is home! I totally understand about those bill, used my same vet for over 12yrs, my inlaws an add'l 10,but when my baby dog needed surgery, and I was quoted 2500! which we didn't have, and they wouldn't let us make payments - they told me my options were to pay or put her to sleep - I couldn't believe it! Luckily my mom stepped in loaned us the money, and happily my baby survived and is doing fine a year and a half later, but I no longer like my vet so much!