Thursday, 18 October 2012

A New Update

Hey guys,

Well it seems our good fortune may have been short lived :( After speaking to the vet today 'Lil Bit is not coming home as we had hoped, they are going to be keeping her in until at least Monday now. The side that detached is looking good and as it should but the side that broke isn't. Seems she is showing some problem with how she is moving her leg. To early to tell what it is yet although seems likely that its nerve damage. We don't know if it occurred when she was hit, or when we moved her or even if its the screws that have caused it. There was mention of opening her up again and having a look to see, as well as maybe removing the screws after its healed if they are indeed the problem. The pain seems to still be quite bad to so to be able to keep her on morphine they need to keep her in. And a lesser worry is the bladder which still seems to be passing amounts of blood. So much for smooth sailing! They did say it could turn out to just be her being a little fussy about how she is moving but I don't think they would keep her in all weekend if it wasn't something they were really concerned with, especially as they know funds are very limited. Please keep her in your thoughts for us, I know to most she is just a cat but any fur mum will know how attached you can become. We delivered her and she is a large part of the family even if she is so small she has a huge personality and we miss her, not to mention the worry about her :(
Thanks for reading, and a HUGE thanks for the donations so far! Hopefully I can give better news on the next update.
Pink x

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