Saturday, 13 October 2012

My Poor Baby

Can you help?
Lil Bit

I don't normally post personal events but this is a little different. My poor cat, 'lil bit was hit by a car today, thankfully she is alive but she is not in the best way. She has a blood clot in her bladder, the left side of her pelvis is broken and the right side is detached. She is in a lot of pain so has stayed at the vets where they can keep her comfy. It looks like she will need major surgery to recover the quickest and with the least pain but sadly at £1000 ($1650 approx) it is not an option as I just don't have the funds and the vets no longer do payment plans. There is the option that with just care and attention she will recover just as well but this will take months, she will be in more pain for longer not to mention the risk of arthritis being greater when she gets into old age. She will require a lot of medication this way which although more affordable it will still be a struggle. From the start Lil Bit has battled the odds, she was the only survivor of her litter and at only 5 days old had life saving surgery. Even now as an adult she only weighs 3kg There is no guarantee that leaving her to heal will even work. So in the hope to raise enough money for the surgery I am going to keep my sale going indefinitely and I will ask if you like my freebies then please either donate using the donation button just under my blogs header, no amount will be to small or click over to any store (blinkie links top right) and make a small purchase, all money will go towards the vet care, medication and so praying the surgery my poor baby needs.
Thanks for reading guys!
Pink xx

UPDATE 14/10

We went to see her today, she is comfy as can be given what she has been through...But lapping up all the attention she is getting. The X-rays are crystal clear as to the injuries. Where the initial impact was has broken the left side of the pelvis and the force of the impact has detatched the right hand side. She is being kept in as she has not passed urine since the accident as there is a clot in her bladder they are a little concerned so want to keep an eye on her plus they will need to manipulate her bladder to help her go and I couldn't do it with all those injuries, I would be terrified of hurting her more. Her prognosis without surgery is she may heal but will not be anatomically correct this will cause problems with walking, she will walk with a visiable difference, jumping will be problematic, her anal canal has shifted and she will have trouble passing so will need laxatives for the rest of her life to avoid issues. And there is no saying in 3-4 weeks that we will be told its not going to heal and will need surgery anyway, by then of course they will need to re-break things and it will be much more invasive and probably much more additional costs. Surgery now (well in a couple of days once the trauma has settled) although not without risk would pin her pelvis back into the shape it should be, she would recover in a couple of weeks and be fully back to normal within 8-10 weeks. So as you can see surgery is the best option for her, I asked if we could make payment to be told no its payment on collection of your pet...I really thought vets were in it for the love of animals so you'd think they would allow payments but seems they are just in it for the money these days which I find sad. Its just heartbreaking to know how a loved memeber of the family will have to live all because we don't have tons of spare cash.
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Mary said...

I will pray for your kitty!!!! I have one the looks just like yourzs. I bought and will buy again next week to help you. It is a worthy cause!!!

Robin said...


I am so very sorry to hear this. I just sent you a private email. Will keep Lil Bit in my thoughts and prayers.

Take care,