Monday, 31 January 2011

Small Announcement

Hey guys Just a very quick post, I have had an awful lot of requests for templates as some of you don't have or use PSP (shock don't!! Anyway I don't have time to mail everyone back so figured a post :) I will in future, where possible, also provide PSP and PSD templates of my scripts. And I will try to make a start creating and uploading templates of scripts already in stores. I have rather a lot of them tho so please bear with me as it is quite time consuming. Thanks guys, I hope this is ok for you all! Sorry I couldn't e-mail you all back personally. Hugs Pink xx


Kit said...

omg! cant waaaaaaait
Okay gonna get up camp outside your store, got me tent, food and a good book to read LOL
Thanks so much this is awesome

Johnston Family said...

Oh Thank you. I use Serif Scrapbook Artist and am glad to hear you will be making these available for us.