Sunday, 10 March 2013

CU4CU License


Over the years I have have has a LOT of requests regarding a CU4CU license. So I have decided that I will go with the flow as they say. This is for SCRAPBOOKING ONLY. This will never be a free license, it will always be purchase license only and it will be available to approved applicants. The cost of $50 (plus paypal fees) is a one off payment for a lifetime CU4CU license. 
The following terms do apply...

This purchased license then will give you permission to use my COMMERCIAL USE PRODUCTS either bought or freebie to create your own COMMERCIAL USE PRODUCTS under the following terms:


• You cannot offer for sale any of my CU items until you have received your personal License number. You must post the license on your web site or blog and you must include your personal license number in all your product descriptions that contain my items as well as in your TOU file.  Please also provide a link to my blog at:

• Creating templates or scripts is not allowed. 

• You cannot re-sell the actual scripts, only the end product which must be merged and altered for resale a commercial use product. 

• All templates must be merged and altered for resale a commercial use product.  They cannot be sold in their layered form.

• You can not create CU4CU products with my CU products

• This CU4CU license is good for 1 person only, you cannot share it with anyone.

• Your license can be revoked if you violate any of the terms. No refunds will be given for revoked licenses.

• My items must not make up more than 50% of the overall product and if making a designer stash papers must also be included, cookie cutter type element packs are not allowed.
• Items must never be sold for under $1 including in sales.

**Note**  This purchase if for the CU4CU License only.  Commercial use products must be purchased separately.
 If there is a use you are unsure of please mail me at for information, I am more than happy to work alongside people and compromise. 
If you want to purchase a license mail me at with CU4CU in the subject line, I will mail you with payment details, once payment is confirmed I will send you your license complete with your own personal license number, once you have these you can start to sell my items as CU :)

Ok so if you have any questions or queries just mail me. Licenses will be sold on a first come first approved basis.
Bye for now!
Pink xx

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