Friday, 23 November 2012

New - Snow Singers & Swag

Hey all,

I have a couple new scripts in store for you, a poinsettia swag and some darling snow singers. Both end in layers so you can edit to really make it unique, in the case of the swag you can use all the pieces alone if you like.
Poinsettia Swag

Snow Singers

Remember templates are included now for all you non PSP'ers :) I hope you like them!
Ok a quick update, I have had numerous mails, thank you all for your well wishes, and donations! My son is still very much recovering, to his vocal I think he thought he could ignore doctors and be invincible but when its your heart it just doesn't fly that way. He struggles whenever he tries to over do it and has learnt very quickly they he needs to rest and can't for now at least, be like he was. I think its come as a shock given his age, as it would any young person who went from burning the candle at both ends to barely lighting it at all. His recovery is going well tho and doctors say he is how they would expect him to ber after such a serious illness. Fingers crossed he continues to improve.
Onto 'Lil Bit, she is also doing as expected. The twist to her leg is still very obvious but she is learning to deal with it. The leg is starting to gain more weight now and hopefully will soon look no different to the other one. She is back on the 4th for more x-rays to see how the wires are and to be sure they haven't shifted anywhere they shouldn't. Again a huge thank you for all the mails and donations they are much appreciated :)
Ok that's it for now, don't forget I am still on sale and I will be back with a special announcement for all you crafters soon ;)
Thanks for lookin!
Pink xx

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