Saturday, 17 November 2012

Birthday Sale and Train!

Hey guys, 
before I get going with the train I want to mention the celebrations going on at Wilma4Ever! We are celebrating the stores 3rd birthday! To start all my items are down 50% for this weekend only! Click here to start saving! Plus there is lots going on at the forum, I am taking part in the wishes being granted, any products of mine on wish lists some lucky winners will receive FREE! And I am taking part in the match me sale, thats right the more you spend the more you save! So Spend $5 on my goods and receive a coupon for another $5 to spend in my store, spend $10 and get a coupon for $10...see the pattern? You don't want to miss out this weekend for sure! The forum can be found here and you can start shopping here!

A quick update for you, huge thanks for all the mails and well wishes! My son is resting well (I have him chained real Nah honestly his body simply won't allow him to ignore it, he is out of breath and exhausted after the smallest activity which is sad to see but also mean the rest he was ordered to do is happening even if its not what he wants. I think its shocked him into realising you simply can't burn the candle at both ends, eventually something gives. So here's to him slowing down a little.
'Lil Bit is doing well, she has a definite twist to her leg when walking but she is allowing me to manipulate it and exercise it in a bid to build up muscle. I do have a small concern that I will be mentioning next time we are at the vets, and that is she seems to be having small bladder accidents in her bed. Not full bladder or anything as she is using the tray but small ones which I am concerned about as her bladder did take some of the impact and was injured. Anyway thats all the news for now, thankfully the next update will be more good news!

Ok onto the train, this time it is brought to you from the Brat Pack and the theme is Twilight Forever! An excellent train, albeit a little late, but better late than never! My part is FULL SIZE and contains 20 elements and 14 papers, I hope you can use it :)

You can snag it here...

And the rest of the stops are here...



NathL said...

amazing! thank you so much :)

Gina T. said...

Just beautiful! Thank you for sharing!