Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Contest Draw 9

Ok guys I managed to stay awake long enough tonight to do this, my daughter is currently in hospital so been at her side a lot as you can imagine. We are so hoping she will be home Christmas eve, fingers crossed! As it stands she is responding to treatment really well so if it holds it is looking good for her coming home sooner rather than later :) Of course this means I have finally learned how to use my mobile, which I am sure many would have laughed at me had they seen me...lol. I repel the smallest of technologies! A huge thanks to all who have wished her well, they are so appreciated :) So this will be the last draw before the biggy on Christmas eve :) As I still have over 40 some people left in the draw I have decided to award 3 prizes instead of the main one I had planned, so it will go, 3rd will win one script or template, 2nd will win 3 and 1st will win 5 which is $20 worth! And now for tonights winner... FREEK! Congrats hun, let me know which script or template you would like and I will send it your way asap! So the final draw will be Christmas eve, good luck everyone! Hugs Pink xxx

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EAL Designs said...

Oh hun, I'm so sorry to hear about your daughter, keeping her in my thoughts and prayers, and I do pray she can be home for Christmas.
Sending lots of hugs, love and positive vibes your way.

Congratulations Freek! way to go!

Hugs & blessings
Lisa/EAL Designs