Thursday, 9 November 2017

New In Store

Hey guys, so its been a while as I've had no end of computer issues. My old PC bit the dust so I had to save up for a new one. Well I had only had the new one a few days when there was a power surge and it fried the hard drive! Luckily I had taken out insurance with it so fixing it was free but it took them over 3 weeks to repair it! I lost everything I had as my externals wouldn't work tho I had some good news there, when I got my PC back from repair the externals worked again so I only lost what was actually on my PC....note to self add things to externals on a regular basis then I won't loose so much! Anyway I have the last of the Alice themed ones, long gap I know and I have the my first of the seasons snowmen...first of many no doubt :) I hope you like them!
New In Store
 Drink Me Bottle script/template
Joyful Snowman Script/template

Thanks for looking!

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