Thursday, 23 May 2013

Tester Needed

Hi Guys,

I am in need of a tester, although I have a lot of reserves none that I know of have all the versions I need. I need one tester who can test versions 11, 12, 13...and above would be a bonus but not essential. Requirements are pretty simple, must be able to test within 48 hours. You must have a good eye and be able to see the smallest of errors (I am a little experience a bonus.You can use the scripts after testing as you would had you bought them, occasionally I do have some that I don't release right away and you would need to wait until it was released. Once the spot is filled I am willing to add people to my reserves, please state in your mail if you would like to be added, if its not mentioned I will assume you don't want to be added and will not add you. If your interested please mail me at with tester in the subject line.
Thanks people!
UPDATE: Thank you everyone for your mails, I was The post has been filled now, thank you all for applying and I will get to answer every mail as soon as I can..there are a lot of
Thanks again guys!

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