Monday, 11 February 2013

Special Offer!

Hey guys,
I had to alter the deal a little so I could produce coupon correctly but you now get 4 more items with deal one and 9 more with deal two!

You know the if I had a pound for every time I was asked about holding a buy my store deal I would be very rich by With the amount of products I have a buy my store deal is not something I would ever do. However I have come up with what I hope is the next best thing! A special deal, $80 of scripts for $20 Which is up to 29 scripts or template, deal two is $120 worth for only $30 getting you up to 44 scripts or templates, bundles are excluded. This is a very limited offer, only 10 of each deal will be sold so if your interested get on down to stores now!

This is a one time, one off offer that will not be repeated. See in stores for details! Happy shopping :)
Pink xx

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