Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Mad Sale!

Hi Guys,

I just have to let you good friend Debbie over at Graphics by Pokadot Has been so nice as to offer me a guest spot in her personal store, not only that but she took the time to upload ALL the items on sale for me as I just wouldn't have the time with looking after cats and kids. I want to say a huge thank you Debbie, for being so good to do this for me...and for you, why? Because the selective items that have been put in her store are all one low crazy price, thats right everything of mine in her store is just $1.25! It includes Christmas items and new items! This madness can't last for long so be sure to hurry over to snag and save! Just click here to start saving! While there take a look at Debbies awesome items, which are also on sale, she has some outstanding work so make drinks and have a leisurely look around :)
Click above image to whizz there now! 
And I have more news this time for all you crafters, you no longer need to have a special license to create your cards etc from my items, thats right, no need for a special license or any extra cost. Terms still apply tho. Well thats enough for one day, enjoy the savings!
Pink x

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