Thursday, 17 May 2012

Link Fixed And Love Bird

Hey guys,

Wow, sods law struck again! I got up to lots of you saying you were unable to download the latest train. As those who read my blog are aware 4Shared changed their policy recently meaning you had to sign in for a free account to download large files, so I went to Mediafire as it was highly recommended...well my Internet provider resets connection every 60seconds or so and as a rule its not noticeable...except with Mediafire! So I have an account but as long as I am with my Internet provider I cannot upload anything. Then I found Sugarsync and thought my quest was over, until I received a mail from them stating I was in violation of their terms and they had disabled the newest link! Turns out they actually have a bandwidth limit when it comes to downloads, and there was a record number of downloads in the first 18 hours this kit was up which exceeded their policy so they disabled it. I think it is a unique chain of events that shows perfectly how sods law always seems to get Anyway I worked out what the average daily download would be using past information and saw the link would be disabled on a daily basis which is not acceptable so I had to bite the bullet and upgrade to a paid account which increases bandwidth thereby fixing all problems...I hope!! I have also requested the MAC number from my Internet supplier so I can change to one that CAN upload to mediafire as I really don't want to pay out every month just so I can offer freebies as that would defeat the object of a freebie. Fingers crossed that sods law has sodded off :)
The link has now been updated, the only one affected was the 'In Bloom' all other links have been checked and are in full working order. Here's hoping the issue is over for now. So you can now download my part of the train...whoopee!

Ok I also have a new script/template in store, I used to doodle these old school style swallows on my school books, usually with swags that would have some cute boys name Hope you like her!

Love Bird Script/Template

Template is now included in the file, no need for separate purchase!
That's all for now!
Pink x

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