Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Easter Blossom and an award!

I wanted to share with you whats new in store... Easter Blossom Script Photobucket Sadly making this into a template wasn't really possible as there would be so many layers...lol. Anyway I hope you like it :) Ok next up I received a couple of awards! Whoohoo! I LOVE getting awards :) Photobucket I received this from both Ketty who has Charlie-on-line and MiriamEsse who has by Ellanoir Both have great sites so try to pay a visit! Ok I am going to pass this wonderful award to the following... Link
I could have gone on and on, so many deserve awards! All these have fab blogs and do wonderful work so feel free to pay them a visit! And lastly, seems to have become tradition with my kids, turn 18 and get a tattoo! My girls had one done today and like my son has used a design I created. I haven't scripted it yet but may do in the near future. It looks fab! And of course I am chuffed that she asked me to design it :) Photobucket Well thats it for now! Speak soon, Hugs Pink xx

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